The 8-week Transformational Experience for Heart-Led Leaders who are ready to Awaken their Gifts, Activate their Voice and Embody their Soul's Purpose

If you are ready to finally see your reality match that BIG VISION brewing inside...

...even if you don't know how it looks or feels yet...

you have been divinely guided HERE...


Your soul led you here because You...

  • Have been feeling like it is time for something new.
  • Know that something feels off.  You feel no longer aligned with your business.
  • Feel tired and you just want to feel passionate about what you bring into this world.
  • Have been holding back because you aren't truly anchored in your voice.
  • Want to speak your truth but you don't know what to say or how to say it.
  • Are playing small because you don't know "how" to get where you want to go.
  • Feel overwhelmed AF and you don't know where to start.
  • Are frustrated with your results due to not receiving "physical proof"
  • Think the results you do receive feel "too small" so you feel Impatient and keep comparing yourself to everyone else.
  • Feel stuck because you know that you are meant for something BIGGER but you aren't sure what it is
  • Are constantly looking for what you need in order to achieve that next level... like yet another course, a certification, a re-branding, web design etc etc.

you are riding the struggle bus...


disappointed n your business

frustrated that you don't truly know your soul's purpose

bitter that things aren't working out the way you thought they would

stuck in inaction because you are so overwhelmed

confused because you do not trust yourself or your inner compass

What if you could KNOW why you are HERE?

What if your business could just FLOW?

YES! It is possible.  This isn't a pipe dream.

Your soul chose to come here in this time and in your body for a particular reason.

And you know this.  You feel the call to do something BIGGER.

You are frustrated because your impact hasn't grown the way you have wanted it to.  

Answer this....
Are you confident in your soul's work?

Do you wake up each day thrilled to execute your mission?

Do you desire to change more lives and make a larger impact?

Do you feel confident in your abilities and the gifts?

Have you fully connected deeply to the spiritual gifts and embraced their fully power?

Are you living aligned feeling empowered to do whatever you want and fully show up in authentically as you?

 You ARE 


And here's a SECRET...
Your soul knows exactly who you get to be in order to make this your reality..

would you like to experience true harmony?

What if You Already Have the Codes Within?

What if all you needed to do was REMEMBER and this ACT of REMEMBRANCE would ACTIVATE your soul's purpose here on earth?


  • Waking up each morning with passion and excitement
  • Your choices always feeling like a full body YES
  • Having clarity on your Soul's Work
  • Being crystal clear on your message
  • Feeling confident AF in your gifts and your level of impact
  • Having soul aligned clients and business partners flow into your life effortlessly
  • What it would feel like to have clients who feel like best friends.
  • Working with Business Partners who you feel your besties
  • Having a business that feels almost "too easy"

If all of that feels like a full body HELL YES, then


ESSENCE from October 1 - November 30, 2020

Your Portal to Awaken, Activate, & Embody Your Purpose

ESSENCE is an INTIMATE 8-week Activation Experience with Christine Michelle and Lígia Leite to Awaken Your Gifts, Activate Your Voice and Embody Your True Soul's Purpose. 

ESSENCE is a safe space to open up to your channel, receive energetic upgrades, channeled guidance, frequency activations, manifestation practices, quantum healing, vibrational alignment, abundance code activations and open up to massive receiving.

During ESSENCE you receive DIRECT ACCESS to daily continued support from both Christine & Lígia as your Quantum Activators throughout your Journey.

Your Portal to Quantum Receiving opens Thursday, October 1st, 2020 and the activations continue until Monday, November 30th, 2020.

essence is aN experience not a course

In this powerful container you will awaken your gifts, activate your voice and embody your soul's purpose.

This isn't just another coaching program.


You will gain clarity and connect to your purpose in a powerful way.

You will heal, create space, align, and embody transforming deeply on all levels MIND + BODY + SOUL.

You will embody the frequency of confidence, trust, fulfillment, passion and love.  

The ESSENCE Experience is unlike anything else

ESSENCE is something that you can do WITH your life and not need to sacrifice additional time or energy.  

ESSENCE creates more energetic space.

ESSENCE acts on your aura and shifts your vibration.

If you are in another course or mastermind, NO PROBLEM because ESSENCE has been created to INTEGRATE into your LIFE not take time AWAY.

ESSENCE isn't just another thing added to your To Do List.  This is an Experiential Journey that you integrate the Channeled Guided Practice, Frequency Activation and Contemplation into your week.

ESSENCE amplifies your other containers.

Each life changing Guided Experience will help all of the things you are doing to become EASIER and more aligned with EASE and FLOW.

OVERFLOW Frequency Activation

Each week you receive a 20 minute video with a specific 5-10 minute channeled guided practice, 5 minute frequency activation and 15 contemplative integrative journaling.

Everything is encoded with frequency that bypasses your logical mind and activates at a deep level within you.  Spirit-Led, Guided Transformational Work encoded with 9th Dimensional Frequency created to integrate into your physical body with grace and ease.

These 45-60 minutes per week that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Your Taste of the ESSENCE VIBE

This OVERFLOW Audio is a Frequency Activation that represents the VIBE of ESSENCE.  Overflow is what you get to experience.  Overflow of Love, Joy, Abundance and all the things you desire.


  • Experience automatic cellular level trust as your #norm

  • Naturally infuse your heart focused truth into who you are

  • Create work that is a pure reflection of who you truly are at your core

  • Attract soulmate clients, business partners, colleagues and audience members who feel more like your BFFs

  • Collapse Space and Time because you go with the flow vs. creating resistance

  • Easily connect to your Inner Guide making decisions from your core and no longer from your wounded place

  • Know how to easily move through limiting beliefs, doubts, and worry

  • Finally really KNOWING & believing in your worthiness

  • Become Confident AF and Know how to Master Your Energy & Emotions

  • Connect You Back to Who You Came Here to Be.

  • Open You Up to Receiving More Than You Ever Dreamed Possible

  • Embody the frequency of your higher-self embodying your soul's mission and massively impacting all of those within your universe raising the vibration of the planet  

  • Have a ton more fun!

In addition to a PRIVATE Community Space, On-Going Support & Direct Access to Guidance from both Christine Michelle & Lígia during this 8-week Activation, You Will Receive

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Weekly teaching and activation videos with Christine & Ligia helping you to go deep and awaken to your soul's calling


Guided channelled practices specific for each week to help you awaken & activate your true soul's essence.


Frequency Activations to help you lift your vibration, quantum shift, heal and align


To contemplate as you integrate all that you have awakened, activated  and aligned with

Are you ready to do the embodiment work?

Are you willing to go deep into the shadows to integrate all parts of you?

Are you ready to say Fuck this Shit and allow yourself to fully be all of YOU?




Starting at $688/month


Embody a sense of KNOWING in your OWN inner guidance & guidance from your Guides & Angels.

Trust yourself and know that the work you create is exactly what you were meant to share with the world.

Connect to your Intuition in a way that feels like FLOW and a deep connection with your SugarDaddy also known as The Universe.

Collapse Time and Space and Manifest with Greater Ease due to this next level trust.

Shift to Receive Nudges => Take Aligned Action => Receive

No more Second Guessing.
No more Doubting Yourself.


Become a Clearer Channel

  • Know Who You Truly Are
  • Remember Your Soul's Purpose
  • Step Into Your True Soul's Desires
  • Trust Yourself & Your Intuition
  • Reactivate Your Soul's Mission & Purpose
  • Gain Clarity like never before about your Business & Life
  • Deepen Your Service To the Collective
  • Enter Into a New State of Being Coming from Your Deep Soul Essence
  • Tap Into Your Intention From a Different Level of Consciousness
  • Show up Authentically with No Fear
  • Gain Clarity on Your Voice
  • Confidently Speak Your Unique Truth

8 week Container to Awaken Your Gifts, Activate Your Voice and Embody Your Soul's Purpose

Welcome to Your Quantum Alignment Portal

Direct Support & Guidance
Daily Support & Direct Access to Guidance from both Christine Michelle & Lígia within the Private Community during this 8-week Activation
Weekly Channeled Guidance and Re-alignment Support

2 Live Channeled Guidance & Q&As Week 4 and Week 8
To ask your questions, Experience the Live Magic of Channeled Guidance and Frequency Activation

8 Video Masterclasses
 Weekly teaching and activation videos with Christine & Ligia helping you to go deep and awaken to your soul's calling

8 Channeled Practices
Guided channelled practices specific for each week to help you awaken & activate your true soul's essence.

8 Frequency Activations
Frequency Activations & Coding Upgrades to help you lift your vibration, quantum shift, heal and align

8 Journal Experiences
To contemplate as you integrate all that you have awakened, activated  and aligned with

PRIVATE Community Space
Intimate Private FB Community
Open Space for you to come Daily to Ask Questions
Weekly Card Pulls
Weekly Re-alignment Check-Ins
Weekly Community Home-Play Thread



Your Soul chose THIS TIME and THIS SPACE to come to THIS WORLD.

Your GIFTS are READY for you to REMEMBER them.

Do you want to connect to your DEEPER PURPOSE?

Are you READY to activate your TRUE SOUL'S ESSENCE?




Starting at $688/month

Your Activators During This Amplifying & Expansive Experience

Christine Michelle


Christine Michelle is the Founder and CEO of The AlignedSoul by Ana-Hob Personal Development Brand and author of The Aligned Receiver. Lover of the Woo (spiritual) + the Do (practical), Christine left her successful Corporate Executive career to step into her Soul’s Calling.

Known as The Vibration Lifter and Energy Shifter, Christine is an Frequency Alchemizer who helps you shift your frequency and elevate your consciousness to new levels.

Utilizing Human Design, Quantum Physics, NLP, EFT, Gene Keys and a ton of other modalities made her own, Christine helps you to tune into your own wholeness and welcome you home to who you truly are.  She makes Quantum Leaps #normal. Intentional Manifestation gets to be easy.

You can find Christine at:
Instagram:  @thealignedsoul
FB: The AlignedSoul Collective

Lígia Leite


Lígia is an intuitive energy alignMENTOR for women integrating their spiritual awakening. Through channeled practices she makes the quantum tangible,  awakening deep trust and grounding it into the body.

A former journalist from Brazil now based in Belgium, Lígia merges  practical mindset modalities with quantum consciousness, energy healing, Claircognizance and Clairsentience.

She hosts the Higher Self Activation Podcast and leads women all over the world in her online membership, energy alchemy sessions, meditation journeys and international retreats.

Instagram: @iam.ligia.leite
FB: Ligia Leite

ESSENCE: Awaken & Activate & Embody




Starting at $688/month