Designed To Be Free

A Journey Thru The Centers that helps you clear repetitive patterns, embody radical self-love & align with who you truly are.

Designed To Be Free

Finally follow your Strategy & Authority with Ease after Clearing Repetitive Patterns, Closing out the Ancestral Contracts, Embodying Radical Self Love and Aligning with Who You Truly Are.

Doors Close Thursday 04/08/2021


"I'm following my strategy and authority but it doesn't feel like its working."

I hear that statement over and over.

After playing with the Human Design experiment, often my audience members or clients will say that they find it hard to follow their strategy or authority.

Or that things aren't flowing as easily as they thought it would when they follow what they think is their strategy.

I've had a manifesting generator client think she was following her strategy in response but it turns out she was leading the energy and initiating out of fear.

When she became aware of her true intention behind the why she decided what she did, she realized it was a habitual cycle of self sabotage that reared its head over and over again in her life.

This client isn't the only one.  Haven't you experienced this too?  You took an action you just knew was in alignment and boom it fell flat and soon you realized you really was making that choice from a place of lack or scarcity or fear or habit.

It is ok!  It happens to us all!  Why???

Strategy & Inner Authority aren't the most important things...

Don't get me wrong...

Your Strategy and Authority are the perfect place to start when you begin Human Design.

Why?  Because you spend so much of your life living out of alignment that these small changes to adjust to your Strategy and Authority and decision making from your body will create quick massive shifts.

However, because of conditioning throughout your body and DNA, ancestral patters you will eventually find that the choices you are making and the decisions even though they seem like they are being made with your body they are not in alignment.

This is because the conditioning also known as resistance int he form of beliefs and conditioning lives in your body and you often can't recognize your strategy and inner authority when it is speaking to you.

I have been where you are...

I always knew I was meant to be an Entrepreneur.  I knew that running my own business was my destiny so finally one day I took the leap.  I left my Successful multi-six figure Corporate Executive Career and jumped into my business FULL-TIME.    

Yes, after 20+ years of Leadership and Business Experience, I just knew it was all going to fall into place. That's what was supposed to happen right?

Well NOPE!  That isn't what happened.

In fact I STRUGGLED.  I rode the STRUGGLE BUS all the way to BROKE TOWN ended up filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.  I was FRUSTRATED AF.  I was pushing and doing the most but nothing felt like it was working.

Until I found Human Design & Gene Keys!!

I finally discovered my strategy and authority and dove right in to playing with this Human Design & Gene Key Experiment.

While things changed in my life quickly, I still found that I wasn't experiencing the shifts and changes I desired at the level I knew was possible.  

This is when I dowloaded a shifting process that has been refined over time and combines the power of Light Coding and Multi-Dimensional Healing methods 

Additionally, I shifted from looking at things through the strict Human Design lens.  I combined the power of Gene Keys Frequency work and the power of Quantum Manifestation and the trajectory of the change that I experienced sky rocketed.

I began using these techniques with my clients and they began to also experience Quantum Leaps and Transformation in their lives and businesses from $100K months in income to finding the love of their life and leaving their corporate jobs to work from themselves full time.

They embodied new upgraded coding and higher levels of expansion and freedom they dreamed of.

 You are Designed to be Free Design.  

You can allow yourself to embody this freedom and return home to who you truly are by healing this conditioning, unlocking your own Coding and embodying higher levels of light frequency in your physical body.

Take a Deep Breath.   Picture This...

YOU:  Feeling Amazing, Empowered, and FREE

You can trust your body.  You can trust the decisions you are making.

You find it easy to feel the right choice for you.  You aren't repeating the same self-sabotaging patterns over and over.

You feel FREE.  Free to be yourself.  Free to feel whatever you feel.  Free to trust yourself.

You are confident.  When you desire something, you know exactly what to do to receive it with ease.

You know yourself better.  You know exactly what your body and feelings are telling you.  

Your emotional intelligence is off the charts.

You know EXACTLY how it feels to be in ALIGNMENT.  You are in a state of flow.

You are IN LOVE...
... in love with LIFE
... in love with Yourself
... in love with your career
... in love with your relationships
... in love with your Body

You are in your state of happiness.  You feel joy beyond what you believed possible.

You have new coding.  An Upgrade.  You feel like NEW!

You have abundance in all areas of your life.

You trust yourself, You trust Guidance, You are easily manifesting a life you LOVE.

You have released limiting beliefs and doubts.  

You have learned how to respond to emotions and the key way to make decisions in your life.

You feel FREE!  You feel more FREE than you have every FELT!

You are confident in yourself.  Walking with your head held high.  You are the authentic version of YOURSELF.

👆🏾 This is what you are meant to experience 👆🏾

What you imagined above is how life is MEANT to be for you.  Your soul came to this earth specifically desiring to experience various energies and Human Design & Gene Keys offer you insider information on that Inner Map.

When you have the Inner Map, you also have the directions to understand what challenges and conditioning you may experience and how to allow yourself to heal these patterns for yourself and for several generations.

I know this because I have done this and I have helped lead my clients through this over and over again.

This is my gift.  It is why I am here on this earth. 


I am here to teach you ACCEPTANCE & help you to become powerfully MAGNETIC to your desires through Energetic SYNERGY & GRACE.




Heal & Clear Limiting Beliefs and Ancestral Patters & Finally Align With Your Soul's Blueprint and Operate in Energetic Ease & Flow

Your Portal  to Shift, Alchemize and Align

Confidently get clear on what you truly want to feel and lock in that vibration with ease

Decondition and Transform Your Life in 3 months

When going through this journey alone, Traditional Human Design says it takes 7 Years.  
With guidance, coaching, & healing activations, you will decondition, heal & activate your DNA & New Coding at Quantum Speed.


Deconditioning has to do with Awareness & Frequency

In Traditional Human Design, deconditioning is focused on the "open" centers or the white centers.  

However any person can experience the low frequency behaviors whether it is a center of strength (defined) or wisdom (open).

During Designed To Be Free, you will learn to look at behaviors on a basis of frequency vs. on the basis of being open or closed.

Using the expansive Resistance Alchemy™ you will alchemize resistance and heighten your awareness to recognizing low and high frequency thoughts, beliefs and actions.

Time is irrelevant  & it is"time" to let that excuse go

Time is a construct created by man to measure the distance between spaces.

Time is also the box you use to hold yourself where you are.

However when you can apprecaite time for what it is and tap into the quantum realm you can access the magic.

During DTBF, you will connect with past, present, future YOU.  You will go back and heal generations and generations and lifetimes of experiences.

You will tap into Magic and experience Quantum Transformation.

Deconditioning doesn't have to be hard, that's your belief

As a human you have been taught that change takes time and hard is normal.

However, this isn't true unless you want it to be true for you.

During Designed To Be Free, you will experience powerful Light Coding, Light Weaving & Light Language Healing that will allow you to experience powerful deep core multi-dimensional healing.

The Next Level Healing techniques including center specific tapping will allow you to experience a deeper level of transformation at lightening quick speeds.



Your Soul chose THIS TIME and THIS SPACE to come to THIS WORLD.

You are here because you are ready to stop the patterns, you are tired of the self-sabotage, you are ready to experience the Freedom your Soul desires.

This powerful 3 month program is available at a NO Brainer price of $997 with payment plans starting as low as $99.

Designed To Be Free Exchange
Price Increases to $1888 Monday


Get these special bonuses when you choose to pay in full

The Universe Is My Sugar Daddy Mug
To Be Shipped 4 Weeks After Cart Cl0se.

Signed copy of my Book & Journal
To Be Shipped 4 Weeks After Cart Cl0se. 

What The People Are  SAYING 

When I say my clients LOVE have experienced amazing results... see just a few of their comments below....


Module 01:  Opening Ceremony

Module Opens Friday 04/02
Live Ceremony & Opening Activation happens Thursday, 04/08
Understand Manifesting and what Human Design has to do with it
Learn The Resistance Alchemy™ Alignment Process
Get Clear on Your Intentions

Module 02: The Solar Plexus Center

Module opens Friday, 04/09
Live coaching Call: Thursday, 04/15
Learn about Your Emotional Powerhouse
Why Your Body is Your Biggest Ally
The 4 Core Low Frequency Beliefs

Module 03: The Will / Ego Center

Module opens Friday, 04/16
Live coaching Call: Thursday, 04/22
Embody that you are worthy & ready for your wildest dreams NOW
Uncover & Transmute points of resistance *it gets to be easy!

Integration & Embodiment

Time of Space & Grace to allow your physical body to embody and integrate 
Uncover new ways of Being & Emoting while Resting & creating space to receive more

Module 04: The G Center

Module opens Friday, 04/30
Live coaching Call: Thursday, 05/06
Embody your Identity and Purpose
Activate your Magnetic Attraction

Module 05: The Splenic Center

Module opens Friday, 05/07 
Live coaching Call: Thursday, 05/13
Uncover your Fears & Radiance
Learn to operate from Abundance vs. Lack

Module 06: The Anja Center

Module opens Friday, 05/14  
Live coaching Call: Thursday, 05/20
Learn what your mind is best at
Are you limiting yourself to This or That or Black or White 

Module 07: The Root Center

Module opens Friday, 05/21 
 Live coaching Call: Thursday, 05/27
Learn about Pressure and drama and creating it to feel alive
Understand Feast or Famine and Clear its Coding from your cellular memory

Integration & Embodiment

Time of Space & Grace to allow your physical body to embody and integrate
 Uncover new ways of Being & Emoting while Resting & creating space to receive more

Module 08: The Sacral Center

Module opens Friday, 06/04
Live coaching Call: Thursday, 06/10
 Proper Use of Life Force Energy
Allowing Yourself to Release Work Hard Conditioning

Module 09: The Throat Center

Module opens Friday, 06/11
Live coaching Call: Thursday, 06/17
Communicating from an Empowered Place
Awareness of actual words and the energy behind them

Module 10: The Head Center

Module opens Friday, 06/18
Live coaching Call: Thursday, 06/24
Using the Inspiration Center in Alignment
Quick Shifts how to use downloads to Expand vs. Contract

Module 11: Embodiment & Closing

Module opens Friday, 06/25
Live coaching Call: Thursday, 07/01
Get clear about how to Embody the Shifts
Set Closing Intention
Closing Ceremony



In the private online membership portal, Each week (except for the integration weeks) you will receive teachings and activations to journey through your centers and shift from the low frequency patterns to higher frequency patterns


Christine Michelle plays the role as your guide and healing catalyst on this journey.  It is like having me as your personal coach and a group of supportive sisters hollding space for your transformation and welcoming you home to who you truly are.

SUPPORT community

You will have access to a support community within the portal where you can post questions, celebrations and ah-ha moments.

This beautiful community of sisters and Christine Michelle as your coach is your place to be over the next 3 months during this transformational experience.


Daily Video or Audio Trainings to teach and guide your transformation & alignment ($3300)


Deep dive teachings and practically applicable action steps to help you understand the frequency within each of your centers and help you to fully embody your Human Design ($3000)


Worksheets with Journal Prompts & Homework ($300 value)


Light Coding & Various Meditations to work shift your subconscious mind and lift your vibration ($2200 value)


Supportive community with daily access to Christine for your specifci questions and to share whatever is going on with you and your transformation. ($3000)


Gorgeous Password Protected Membership Site For Organized Learning

Join me in Designed To Be Free & I promise you

    • No more self sabotage.
    • No more repeating the same patterns over and over
    • No more not manifesting your desires.
    • No more giving up on what you truly want.
    • Tell the bitterness goodbye
    • No more disappointment
    • No more frustration
    • No more anger

What The People Are  SAYING 

When I say my clients LOVE have experienced amazing results... see just a few of their comments below....

Designed To Be Free Exchange
Price Increases to $1888 Monday


Get these special bonuses when you choose to pay in full

The Universe Is My Sugar Daddy Mug
To Be Shipped 4 Weeks After Cart Cl0se.

Signed copy of my Book & Journal
To Be Shipped 4 Weeks After Cart Cl0se. 


Christine Michelle


Christine Michelle is the Founder and CEO of The AlignedSoul by Ana-Hob Personal Development Brand and author of The Aligned Receiver. Lover of the Woo (spiritual) + the Do (practical), Christine left her successful Corporate Executive career to step into her Soul’s Calling.

Known as The Vibration Lifter and Energy Shifter, Christine is a Frequency Alchemist who helps you shift your frequency and elevate your consciousness to new levels.

Utilizing Human Design, Quantum Physics, NLP, EFT, Gene Keys and a ton of other modalities made her own, Christine helps you to tune into your own wholeness and welcome you home to who you truly are.  She makes Quantum Leaps #normal. Intentional Manifestation gets to be easy.

You can find Christine at:
FB: The AlignedSoul Collective


During the 3 month container, I will take you through the guided journey to alchemize resistance within your DNA, tissues, cells and body & activate deep healing.  But in order to get the most out of this, you must open up, be willing to dig deep and do the work.

I am not here to hold your hand but I am here to guide you.   If you are looking to ask questions and would like more support join the FB group.  I will be active in the group.  You will receive a link to the FB group before the coaching program begins.  You cannot fail if you do the work!

You have access to me in this Group Program.  Use this fully.  Ask for Guidance.  

Remember you DESERVE an amazing life. | You DESERVE to live in joy and beauty  |  You DESERVE to experience Freedom.

I cannot guarantee results because it is up to you. The reviews and results you see on this page and on my website are a result of the work these students and clients put in.  You will get out of this experience what you put into it.

There isn’t a rush or deadline to finish.  This is about EMBODIMENT not Checking a BOX.  You get to have fun and live your life. This can fold seamlessly into your life.

I hope that since you paid for this group container that you would follow through and do the work.  However, I know that things happen, if you cannot finish, you can expect to have access after this course.

If you can’t attend a live call, all calls will be recorded and uploaded to the members’ area for you to watch when you have time.

Remember this work is deep.  It was created in a specific way to create the quickest and easiest transformation.  Follow along with my instructions and tap into your own personal Guidance.  You can never go wrong.

Due to the digital nature of the course, there are no refunds. I one-hundred percent (100%) believe in journalling and my manifesting process. I have seen so much success in countless clients, students and in myself. If you do the work, you will see results.

FOR THIS CONTAINER:  This is a group container.  I will be available to support you in the FB group and on the Live Channeled Guidance/Coaching Calls.  Leave questions there as your questions will help everyone.  This is a community and it will be awesome for everyone to connect and help each other become their Next Level Selves.
FOR SUPPORT RELATED QUESTIONS: If you have support-related questions or trouble accessing the course material, please email us at

What The People Are  SAYING 

When I say my clients LOVE have experienced amazing results... see just a few of their comments below....

Designed To Be Free Exchange
Price Increases to $1888 Monday

Do you still have questions?  Message Team AlignedSoul below.