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Course Summary

During this 60 Minute Masterclass learn the key aspects to quickly aligning with your next level now. 
(1) Vibration: It is all about Your Energetic Vibration
(2) Energetic Blueprint: Your soul chose a specific blueprint (Human Design Ya'll)
(3) Embodiment: Don't act as if. BE Her NOW.
(4) AlignedSoul Action: When you are BEING you take Action

Course Curriculum

Christine Hayes

Christine Michelle is a distinguished Author, Transformational Coach, Manifestation Expert,  & Founder of The AlignedSoul personal development brand.  Author of The Aligned Receiver, Christine shows women that The Universe is their Sugar Daddy and they get to powerful receive.  

Lover of the Woo + the Do, Christine left her successful Corporate Executive career to step into her Soul’s Calling.  Christine combines Energetic, Quantum & Human Design principles to activate massive uplevels, accelerate results and amplify success in your total life.   Utilizing Human Design, NLP, EFT and a ton of other modalities made her own, Christine loves to help make quantum leaps #normal for herself, her clients and her audience.

Maelisa Coombs

Christine, thank you so much.  Since the energy shift we did last week, things have shifted massively.  I was selected for a leadership program at my company which only accepts a small number of people every year.  

Shortly after that I was PROMOTED!  Yes, promoted to the position I dreamed about and journaled about!  If we hadn’t worked on shifting and me owning my voice, I know this wouldn’t have happened.  

I am like you said “Making Senior Leader Moves”.
Thank you so much.

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