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The Premier Manifesting Membership Built with Your Energetic Blueprint In Mind where Human Design meets Manifestation and creates Energetic Flow

The Society is over $4,000 per month in value

The Secret Society is over $11,000 per month in value

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ALIGN - The Society Monthly Exchange $222 USD /month
ALIGN - The Society Annual Exchange $2220 USD /year

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The Society $2220 USD /year
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      In less than 30 days I was living the life of the person I wanted to be thanks to Christine’s course.  It was easy to follow and extremely fun to attend. She has a lovable spirit and is great at breaking down her teachings in a simplistic way.



      I am a Manifestor and Christine has taught me how to use my energy type to Manifest.  Christine is the woman who believed in $0 Em  enough to help me become $500,000 Em.  Christine has pushed me to see positive beyond my wildest dreams, even if sometimes if forces me to face the demons I have been avoiding.